Term 2 May 2021

Why SponsorU?

SponsorUniversity's program is unlike any other sports program. From an all-access pass to the sports and entertainment industry, to in-person team and event sponsorship scouting, the experience goes beyond the classroom and puts you in the action. You'll leverage your classroom theory, connect it with the expert knowledge of SponsorU, and apply it to real-life scenarios. With SponsorUniversity's industry connections, many participants enjoy full-time positions with known teams and sponsors.


    SponsorU equips you with the foundational knowledge of the sports sponsorship industry with eLearning, live instruction, and hands-on experience. Each week focuses on a new aspect of sponsorship.


    Build your knowledge with real projects centered on viewing or attending games, or listening to broadcasts. Afterwards, review your assigned projects with industry skilled SponsorU managers.


    Apply your knowledge and experience to understand the intersection of sports, events, venues, and sponsorship. Support your understanding with data-driven metrics from SponsorU's sponsorship platform.

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